landscape narratives 

The theme focuses on landscape narratives. Each painting and mosaic has either breathing taking landscaping or great detail in the background. Starting from 300 BCE to 1500C we will explore how detail and realism grows in the backgrounds and affects the overall tone for the picture. Even though some scenes depicted are mythical the backgrounds still seem almost realistic. 

We see very flat images and the use of very little color. This focuses on the Nile River and various scenes of hunting and fishing.
There are attempts at trying to make the rocks have depth and as well as what is supposed to be a tiger, there is no real sky just a golden background.
Great detail on the hillsides and clouds with the use of light and shadows.
Here we see depth and light being shown making it more 3D. Along with the curving of the trees and buildings.
Early paintings of Michelangelo with some depth to the ocean and decay of the rocks with a skyline.
texture in the trees is shown and over lapping with trees and animals
Credits: All media
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