Element of Art - Shape

Exploring geometric and organic shapes as well as positive and negative shapes in artwork.

This piece of art displays organic shape with the artist's unique representation of of the natural world (in this case, of a pine tree).
This is a great example of positive and negative shape, where (in this case) the background can be the figure or the figure can be the background.
Organic shape, blue representing the natural world.
Organic shape.  The tree's form is free and contrasts the geometric shapes of the buildings in the background.
Geometric shapes are evident in the rectangles above and below, the circles in the center, and the shapes created by the overlapping circles.
Geometric shapes are combined to create an organic image:  a human.
Organic shapes are used to create the outer body of the image while geometric shapes are used to create the eyes and other parts of the "body".
I used this picture because I have seen this in person! The arches have unique rectangles that are formed by color choice.  By the painting alone, a shape is made with no need for a definite line.
Credits: All media
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