To both Gilgamesh and Marji family is an important influence in their life.  To each one family is valued in a different way.  Despite these differences without their families each character wouldn’t have turned into the people they did if it wasn’t for their families.  Gilgamesh only has one person in his life that effects who he is. Marji has many people who effect the way she is.  Regardless of how many people they have influencing them each character needs the influence of their family to shape them.  When each character is without the influence of family they are lost.  

This photo is to represent Enkidu before he becomes civilized and part of Gilgamesh's family. While he is free among the animals he doesn't have any worries. Even though after he becomes civilized he is sentenced to death he still doesn't regret his choice. "My mouth that cursed you shall bless you as well." VII 152
Their very first encounter Gilgamesh and Enkidu started fighting. Once the battle was over they were instant friends. "They kissed each other and formed a friendship." II 18
Every night on their journey to the Forest of Cedar they camp on a hillside. When Gilgamesh wakes up from every nightmare Enkidu is there to comfort him and encourage him about the upcoming battle. "My friend your dream is a good omen fine is its message." IV 108
This photo represents the Forest of Cedar and the brothers battle with Humababa. The way the work together to defeat Humababa shows the lengths their relationship has come in such a short time. "Gilgamesh smote him in the neck,/his friend Enkidu gave encouragement." VI 24-25
This is to represent when Marji's parents send her off to school. It was probably very difficult for them to send their daughter so far away to live on her own. They did it because the love they had for her was so strong that they had to do what was best for her.
Marji has many people in her life that help shape her into the person she is. I don't believe her family consists of just the people immediately related to her. Throughout her time abroad she encounters many people that shape her. From the friends she makes to the people she lives with, each one effects her life in some way.
The family member that matters the most to Marji is her grandmother. Her grandmothers opinion of her greatly effects the way she thinks about herself. When Marji gets an innocent man in trouble it's her grandmothers reaction to her choice that makes her realize how wrong she really was.
This is to represent the time that Marji spent abroad. The time in her life that she was separated from her family is when she lost who she was meant to be. With the influences of her family so far away, the people that she held dearest, she couldn't find her way. She forgot all the things they had taught her. Her parents had instilled an importance for education in her her entire life. Yet while she was abroad she decided to party instead of focus on her education. Her grandmother taught her to respect herself and others but she decided to do what was popular with her peers.
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