Pop Art 

A painting of a town water tower and chimney.
More than anything else, Hopper's drawings reveal the continually evolving relationship between observation and invention in the artist's work.
Early Sunday Morning is a 1930 painting by Edward Hopper that portrays the small businesses and shops of Seventh Avenue in New York City shortly after sunrise.
Hotel Lobby is an oil painting on canvas by American realist painter Edward Hopper.
This is a very colorful piece of art.
This is painting and the artist was very famous artist among the British people.
This is a painting made of dots
Gift of Mari and James A. Michener, 1991
This is a "self-portrait" and to me this shows that no one is perfect.
This incorporates many of the different themes involved in all of Grooms art work.
This is of a woman who seems to be walking around in her undergarments. She seems to be walking in a fast manner.
This shows a rural type landscape with tress with shades of green and a red barn.
This was one his first pop art themed pictures. He used different mediums, techniques etc.
One lithograph and screenprint from a portfolio of five lithograph and screenprints, three collotypes, three screenprints and two lithographs
This was one of his many untitled art works that have no set meaning.
This is a picture of Mickey Mouse a child television show character.
To Haring there is no limits to what he draws and paints about and this shows that.
This is located in Paris, France on a condemned building.
This is a silkscreen image. He silkscreened this car crash 14 times for this piece.
Each of the "birdies" or "shuttlecocks" are nearly 18 ft. tall. The giant shuttlecocks appear to have been swatted over the "net," landing in different positions around the grounds.
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