I like the feeling in this picture. Its calm and cozy. The softness really works with the yellow-washed colors.
I like the sketchiness of this piece, It fits well. The colors go well together and compliment each other. I like the how the yellow is used as a highlight/contrast to the darker colors(blue). The scenary is pretty.
In this picture, I like the backround pink fading into the blue. I like the black and colored lines in the circle, it feels like a representation of the music.
I picked this picture because it reminds me of music waves or video game graphics.
I love how this artist really created a luminating light glowing through the trees. The title "Morning" definatley fits. It looks like a sunrise with the light glowing on the grass.
I like the deep defining lines mixed with soft textured parts in this art piece. It has just enough space not occupied with specific detail for imagination to run wild.
I picked this picture because i like animals and horses are cute. At a second glance the horse looks sad, though.
I picked this because it looks like someones putting their hands up in fear, and then getting shot.
I like how the perspective is unrealistic in this painting. I like the distortion the artist percieved.
This picture is very cute when you zoom into the people. I like how the man is singing to the woman. The flowers in her hair are the most beautiful out of the many painted in a pretty meadow.
I appreciate the talent into this piece. The creativity is amazing.Its obvious that the colors were thought through and thoroughly conducted.
This artwork is like a detailed fantasy. I like how the mushroom tops are also prerceived as jellyfish. I like how this can accentuate a viewers perspective. This atwork caught my eye from afar and then when I zoomed in I was amazed by the talent of the artist. I really like how when you look closer you realize that the majority of the piece is orange liquid with solid objects floating mystically around. The characters are unique, unlike any I've ever seen
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