The faith                                                           the hope 

In this gallery it shows what nature could really be, how peaceful it is. It shows the beauty of it, the Animals, Garden, Water, and the Plants. It is very colorful and very detailed. 

My favorite part of this wonderful painting is the lighting and the animals. It looks like these people in the painting are farmers working.
I like the colors it uses and that really pretty light coming out of the cave. It looks like this majestic place. It makes me feel happy that I wanna go there.
The sunset is a really pretty view in this painting, how bright it is really stand out in this painting. You can tell that the indian standing is admiring the nature.
It is very colorful the colors stand out. Even though it is night time those beautiful colors come out and shine.
It is very colorful with a lot of light. You can see a beautiful castle. The people at the bottom are gathering together playing their guitars.
This painting is very relaxing yet beautiful. The red flowers on the sides really stand out. Its a very beautiful waterfall.
The rainbow in the background stands out a lots. It is very bright and the white in this painting stands out.
Very colorful and bright. It looks like everyone one is hard working doing what there supposed to do minding there own business.
The blue on her dress is a very pretty shade of blue stands out a lot on this painting. She looks like she is very wealthy.
Very colorful, and the mother and her baby looks very happy, looks like she is enjoying her baby and her baby is having a great time with her mother.
Looks like a farm in the winter time with snow.
You could see the sun setting in the back of the beautiful clouds. Everyone looks so hard working.
The light Shines off the Pretty pink flowers. The pink flowers stand out.
The red scarf stand out in this painting, and she looks very wealthy. Although she doesnt look so happy.
You can tell he is the Chief because he is really painted and the clothes he is wearing makes he seems like a big deal. He looks very serious.
Very pretty painting of colorful flowers. the blue flowers stand out the most, and it looks very exciting because of the colorful colors.
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