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Design Principle: Contrast

This piece shows amazing contrast between the tree and the background. By using simply black and white, the tree really stands out as the main point.
Contrast is used in the piece by using a very neutral background so that the words painted on are the main points that stand out.
Contrast is used in a different way in this piece. Not in the sense that there is one thing standing out, but that the darker colors create a shadow look and contrast the lighter colors of the yellow leaves.
This piece using contrast through the light and dark colorings. The light color of the fan allows the Japanese words or poem the be the focal point on this beautiful object.
The artist is portraying a message with the sailboats in this piece. In order to do so, the sea is displayed and very light colored and the sailboats contrast this with their dark colorings.
This piece of art expresses contrast through its colorings. The off white color allows the artist to draw your attention to the various red trees and the man in the red robe.
Contrast is used in this piece by taking many colors and painting them next to one another to differentiate the land boarders and the sea. In doing so, it is easier for the audience to see the meaning within the piece, since it is clear between the contrasting parts of the world.
This piece uses the light and dark colors in contrast, but in the opposite way the other pieces have. This piece is different because the background is the dark portion, allowing the lighter detailing to be the forefront.
In this art piece, the use of various colors is what creates the contrast. By leaving the buildings, street and sky as sort of neutral colors, it allows the eye to go straight to the bright green tree. This color contrast allows the artist to create attention to certain area of the piece.
Contrast is displayed here through the three dimension of the sculpture. In the way that the people come out of the piece, it creates some shadowing, therefore allowing for the people to further stand out due to the contrast of light and dark.
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