This gallery shows the work of great artist from the 14th to the 17th century that helped to shape the way in which art was created as well as to create pieces that changed the world and influence the whole genre.

Paint created in the late 1500's by Hans von Aachen of the Roman mythological gods Venus and Adonis representing their complex relationship, its worth mentioning the facial expressions of the painting with such realistic expressions, very common at that time.
Portrait of Lucrezia daughter of the Pope Alexander VI by Dosso Dossi. Considered one of the first famouse paints of the renaissance period. We can observe the realistic details contrasting with the dark tone demostrating the changes between the middle ages and the renaissance
Illustatrion of the piazza in the 17th century as a main point of Florence politics.
Believed to been painted in the late 1500's by Francesco Arese of the michelangelo piazza in Florence watch from an aerial point of view showing the landscape with the center point being the church.
Paint made by Giovanni in the early 17th century showing gondolas navigating around as a symbol of union and progress in Italy.
Piazza San Marco of the 17th century showed as it was back in the day at the peak of the renaissance.
Visual representation of the iconic image of Adam and Eve being kick out of the paradise after eating from the forbidden tree. Great emphasis on the apple and the guilty face of Adam while eating the apple.
Oil painting created by Peter Paul recreating the victory of Constantine I, being the first Christian emperor of Rome at the time.
Sculpture crafted by Joan-Antoine, knowing for creating the bust of famous philosophers, inventors and politicians of the era of the Enlightenment. Great prompt to the artist for creating such a realistic sculpture with amazing details.
Famous painting by Louis Carrogis of Leopold Mozart (Amadeus Father) Wolfgang Amadeus and Mariana Anna (Amadeus younger sister) playing music. Great representation of the talent that this family possessed.
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