Murad Matar's Art Critique gallery 2015 

This painting consists of both light and dark areas allowing the viewer to gaze at the whole painting. Also, I like how the artist painted the man being calm, still, and observant.
I like how this painting mixes both blue and white to show some sort of light shining down onto this person; while in the background it is dark.
I like the shading in the sky, since it shows it is a gloomy day. Also, the position of the horse is well painted along with its muscle tone. The man staring right at you is also very interesting.
I like the shading throughout the man's coat goes from light to dark. Also, the man being drawn with edges and different shapes shows the artist's style of drawing.
I like how the sky fades into the background with several clouds, the children looking at the sky, and how the building's details are clearly shown.
I like how the artist smeared the colors together in the beard showing the age of the man. I also like how the artist positioned the man's head, only painting his side.
I like the simplicity of this painting with its fruits, glasses, and puppies drinking from a pan. Also, I like the way how Paul Gauguin painted the fruit showing its texture.
I like the facial expression of the man, the detail in the beard with every single curl being shown, and I like the green background filled with flowers.
This painting of the Hagia Sophia portrays areas of light and dark. The light and darkness of this painting allows the separate areas and textures to show and contrast with one another.
I like the way the artist colored harder in some areas to show a wear down look, specifically on the table. Also, I like how the artist conveyed the focus the old man had on fixing the firearm.
Credits: All media
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