Edette's Faves

This is on my bucket list!
I actually have a Klimt hanging above my bed, alas not original and thankfully not this one - a bit scary for over the bed!
I just love everything Klimt.
I love me some Rembrandt, he always seems to nail the Biblical stuff so well.
This is the coolest project ever, but this painting is why you also have go to the museum - this is the reddest red you will ever see!
Oh I just love her, a trip to the Getty must include seeing Mary again!
Ahhh Balzac, maybe one of my faves of all time. If you made me pick, this might be the answer. You can never really have enough Rodin in your life, can you?
Another reason why visiting is important, I will never forget the first time I turned the corner and there she was.
Now I wish I could read Hebrew...
Can I move in?
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