Umbra Phantasiae-         Brent Cutler

This gallery includes a variety of dark fantasy art depicting creatures that do not exist in the physical world. These interesting works have been gathered from artists that lived between the 1650's and 1950's. Though dark and somber in nature, a lot of these pieces include uplifting or even religious undertones.

Even though the colors used in this piece are mostly yellow and light, the images within are dark and mildly disturbing. You can see a haggard women(witch) giving a sick child to a weird Goat-God.
This piece uses very similar colors and has a very narrow contrast. It is representing demons from the book of revelations. Traditionally, we assume dragons are giant, winged, reptiles.
This piece has a lot of movement. Mythological in nature, the art shows a battle between two men and a monster. The texture is soft and the artist used shadowing to define edges and shapes.
Geometric shapes with jagged highlights help create an amazing representation of a flying demon. The Spatial perspective is slightly distorted which seems to blend the foreground with the mountains.
The Contrast and movement this piece uses is how you see what the art is portraying. There are very few solid lines but is still able to show the vision of death on a horse in a dreamlike scene.
This work is the most 2-dimensional out of the gallery. Lots of reds are used to depict John's visions of the end of the world. Texture is used to differentiate between material.
The piece uses a lot of vertical brush strokes and similar colors. Like other works in this gallery, very little strong lines are used. You can see a knight on a horse and an odd lion/dragon below.
This uses a lot vivid shapes and contrast to express the emotions of the three main objects. You really get a sense of the scene by the use of movement and color; A blend of religion and mythology
very few colors are represented in this work. The ones that are used, however, bring focus to the main objects and add a tasteful amount of contrast. A fantastical demonstration of divine interaction
A surreal portrayal of mythological beasts. Filled with detailed shadows and array of color, this image bends the perspective of the viewer based on which object you focus on.
Credits: All media
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