the beginning 

i have chosen a theme of cars of when they were produced. i am a big fan of cars and  would love to learn more if its history. reason why i chose cars in my exhibition is because people like me who love cars just continuing the generation of cars since 1965. 

this is an example of what we still do now for our cars. car lovers know what the feeling of getting new car part in the mail. it was exciting and amazing
car shows, many car enthusiast love to come here and see whats new on the streets and how much more power will coming out of these machines.
tracks, still till this day we use tracks to test the quality and the power of the cars by pushing it to the max and competing against others.
mercedez is now one of the most luxury car companies in the wold with its same meaning ti the car but upgraded motors and details
car meets, this is where the show off begins since when the first car came out people were obsessed with cars and wanted to show off there clean rides.
car washes were a big part and still are to the car culture. they would provide to clean the car to the best and people who love their car will go here for the best clean.
the new car feeling. this still happens today how people react to the new car. its amazing how people changed their taste in cars over the years
there are even car girls, girls who also the car culture and also wanted to be involved in the car industry.
keeping a clean reputation was also another thing car lovers do . they will spend money on the best cleaning products to show off there cars
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