Art From the Italian Renaissance

5 pieces of art are exhibited

This chest was given as a gift to newly married couples. The chest was made from carved walnut. The art piece was influenced from the classical Roman sarcophagi. The feet look like lions.
This is a painting. This was painted on a canvas. Venus is trying to hold her lover back from leaving. By the look on his face, he doesn't seem to care much. To me, this piece of art shows the love of a woman for her man. She doesn't want to lose him.
This is a drawing. God looks as if he is viewing us all from heaven, possibly making judgements. According to The J. Paul Getty Trust," Carpaccio applied black chalk and gray wash, describing the figure's overall outline with strong strokes." This really pops out as if it is 3-d.
This flute is made of very fragile glass. You can see that this glass has been engraved. These glasses were so sought after that they were copied. According to the Getty Museum, "Culture: Netherlandish or German."
According to the Getty Museum,"France(place created)." The Epistles were part of the New Testament. These letter came to be very popular. These were scriptures.
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