Love is a seed 

Love is a seed because once it gets planted in somebody's head, it only grows from there. Just like any seed, love needs to be cultivated or it won't grow. You need to be patient because it requires that you put in a lot of work and time. But at the end the result is worth it all. -Joyce Mollejas Lopez

In this art work the heart represent the love of the person, While the person is falling because of the feelings that he or she has. The heart is always growing by the time you feel more in love.
It looks like a mother and son love. The first minute the mother knows she is going to have a child. In that exact moment the love starts growing. This love is forever.
Humans are very materialistic. We love things that don't have feelings. It depends on what it is in your live, the love can grow. Like this girls with a doll.
People beliefs in their religion. No matter what, they love what they belief. Their are a lot of people that gives their lives because of what they think its true and right.
The heart is Mary’s and it represent her connection with Christ. Its surrounded by a crown of thorns and pierced by a blade. A flower is growing from the heart.
This is a family love. At the moment you realize that family is the most import thing in live . That love never die because its stay there until you are gone.
This represent the many love you could feel. It depends and changes when its because: family, friends, religion, food, materialistic things and more.You can feel love for many things but that love is not always the same.
This is a representation of love made in NY. People do this kind of things to tell another person their feelings. Normally this king of expressions are for couples and loves ones.
The red and black, while being representative of the brand, are also representative of the feeling. It's a subtle way to plant an idea (in this case, a word) in someone's head.
Figuratively speaking, the planes represent a heart flying away. It's a metaphor to how some loves are just not meant to be. Maybe, they didn't have patience.
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