The Perspective that lies in art

I chose this piece of artwork because it's street art that features an impressive representation of perspective. The colors used are pretty eye catching as well.
I picked this piece because it features a highly detailed view of a form of alley. The perspective directs the viewers eyes toward the back of the alley.
I picked this artwork because it depicts a good use of perspective with this church. Also, it doesn't have a point to which they are trying to draw the users eye.
This picture was chosen because it displayed the use of perspective inside of a structure. The walls draw the viewers attention to the back wall.
This picture interested me because it was a rather detailed depiction of the building.
This painting was included because the artist included people in the perspective view. He was also unique in making the perspective a part of the background view.
I selected this piece because it looks aged due to the color of the paper. I like the feel it gave to the picture.
This painting was chosen because of the nice and subtle coloring that was given to it. The angle of the painting is also rather well done.
I picked this piece because dark color given to it and the amount of black present in it. The artist gives you the feeling of being in the room with the people.
This painting was selected because of the angle it was painted in. It gives a sort of bird's eye view of the performance going on below.
I picked the piece because of the good use of shadows in it. The people present are covered by the shadow and that makes the shadow seem more realistic.
I chose this painting because of the sense of direction in present. The artist directs the viewers attention to the cave in the background by making it the vanishing point.
This painting was chosen because of the way the snow was painted. The tracks and trail left by the funeral attendees are well done. Also, perspective is used to show the street behind them.
The amount of detail put into the painting is really astounding. Plus doing that with the perspective at the same time is really impressive.
This painting was picked because it looks more abstract and less detail oriented than the rest. The artist still manages to include perspective as well.