By: Ethan Ong

This represents Saphira because she can fly and helps Eragon with what ever he needs help on.
This represents Eragon because he is good person who saves the world and helps his friend and gets a girlfriend to live happily.
This represents Brom that is because he hold a carve staff and a golden ring which the picture also has and it is like it is ready to somewhere like he is always too.
This represent Ra'zac that is because deep inside of him i think he is an evil guy that lives in a dark place out of nowhere.
This represent Angela because she wears the color black and green and I think inside of her she feel the bad one and wants to kill the good.
This represent Murtugh bceause he was an allly to Eragon but then with magic he was turn to be evil and fight against Eragon.
This represent Arya because Eragon loves her and she dosn;t want to get in the way of his training so she doesn;t do anything about that.
I chose this for Orik because it represents him as a brother and a help darwf to save the world.
This represents Oromis because he help Eragon to fight the people that are trying to kill Eragon.
This represent Galbatorix because he has to go to a war and fight so he can win and I think on the inside of him he just really wants to win.
Credits: All media
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