Perspective in art

I chose this picture because it gives a good view of the artists perspective of the scene taking place, and depicting what they were like with their wealth.
I picked this painting because it is a more modernized version of The Embassadors painting, in the same perspective view, just redone to depict more recent technologies and people.
This picture goes well with perspective as a subject because it gives you the feel of the painters view of a corridor clearly shown.
The painting Staircase Group does a good job to give a 3 dimensional feel with the stair case, so it fits nicely in the gallery of perspective pictures.
I really enjoy this picture because, despite the time, the picture gives a perspective view of the city Laredo, Texas from an aerial view.
Adoration of the Magi is a very nicely done perspective painting by Bonifacio De' Pitati. I chose this one because it adds 3D and puts the viewer in the artists shoes while looking at the scene.
This sketch of the Taj Mahal is interesting to me because of personal interest in the Taj Mahal, since it's such a magnificent structure, along with it fitting into the perspective topic.
This painting from 1616 caught my eye while looking for perspective works because it is so simplistic, yet very detailed. It gives the viewer the scene very nicely and gives a thought of depth.
This painting was chosen for the galley because the mass about of action taking place. While all of this is happening, the artist still manages to give the viewer depth and a good view of the action.
To contrast the previous work, this one is very simplistic. Yet while being very simple, the artist still manages to catch the viewers attention and give them a good first person view.
Sadko caught my eye due to the high contrasting colors that the artist chose. Apart from color, the picture still gives a sense of depth and perspective, so it fits nicely into the gallery
The Benavente Chapel at Medina de Rioseco was chosen for the galley because it caught my eye with the extreme amount of detail it contains and the large scene it depicts.
This work was chosen for the gallery because of the colors the artist used to give the painting a warm feeling to it. They make the viewer feel like they're actually there next to the fireplace.
This painting from 1728 is very interesting due to how complex it is and the large amount of detail that Canal used. It also fits well into the perspective topic of the gallery.
Francken's painting is very complex and depicts a large scene while still allowing the viewer to get his point of view on the scene taking place, which is why I chose for it to be the final piece.
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