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The power of color bringing emotion

I enjoy this because you can really feel the isolation from the large amount of brown and no leaves on the tree.
This is really great to me because it reminds me of the peaceful landscape of the country side. The blue sky shows a perfect weather day.
The peacefulness of this painting really makes me want to be in that boat and experience this beautiful sunset of orange and yellow against the green and blue of the wild life.
This speaks volumes to me because it shows passion and fun in the isolation of a inner city apartment building.
This captures a Florida sunset perfectly with its blend of yellows, oranges, and a small amount of red against the contrast of the ground, and the clouds.
I enjoy this because the inner city feeling is perfectly enraptured in this graffiti on the wall. It shows the expressionism and cultural art that can only come from inner cities.
This seems like a fantasy world with the lack of color and size of this beautiful landscape. The hue of green and the slight blue of the sky comforts me.
With this piece I can perfectly see the hustle and bustle of classic New York. The color really show a developing city and how beauty can be seen in the simplest of things.
I love this piece because the contrast between green and blue really bring out the isolated feel in the tree.
I would love to live in this fictional piece because it seems like paradise with green grass, a great sunset sky, and will life surrounding everything.
This piece really makes me feel alone and emotional. The dark colors and mix of brown and black really make it seem like late evening in the woods with no one around for miles.
This reminds me of fall in the woods behind my house when I lived in Ohio. The brown dead-ness from the trees really shows how peaceful it really is.
This art makes me want to fly and experience the comfort of the clouds and emptiness of the blue sky.
I want to take a walk through the painting. It feels very peaceful and full of life. the amount of green just comforts me.
The picture of this building really strikes a chord with me. The blue hues of business building lights and the rushing of lights on the streets captures the business of bigger cities.
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