Capturing The Natural World in Sculpture

In this collection, artists mimic the world around them.  Be it plants or animals, nature is the true creative inspiration for these works.  The spirit and characteristics of the works contained in this collection can be seen in the environment around us.  I chose this theme because I love to be able to relate art to something real that I can see or touch.  Additionally, I think that mother nature is the ultimate artist in creating the plants and animals around us, and my appreciation of that grows when I see works like these.  The artists have done incredible jobs of capturing their subjects, but nothing will ever come close to nature itself. 

This work, titled "Planter," mimics shells that can be found on most beaches around the world. I loved searching for shells when I was a child, and this piece brings back that wonder and excitement.
Whistle Bottle reminds me of a snail, or newt. Cute, but still a creepy, crawly creature. This is a whimsical piece, as much of nature is also appealing and amusing.
Frogs are funny animals, and their big croaking mouths are one of their more peculiar attributes. This vessel plays on that aspect of frogs, amplifying their most well know characteristic.
Deer are graceful and shy animals. The positioning of this figurine appears to be meek and ready to flee, much like a deer. Those it may be roughly carved, the feelings are so well portrayed.
Art can even mimic nature without trying. As soon as I saw this piece, I was reminded of coral in the ocean. The artist may not have intended for this, but the pattern is a natural one.
Ducks are quirky and social birds. These ducks appear to be having a conversation, much like ducks in the wild. A lone duck would not convey that as well as the two that the artist created here.
I have always considered bulls to be proud animals. The bright colors and shape of "Torito" display this pride.
The utilitarian nature of a donkey is perfectly captured in this figure. The diminutive donkey is burdened down by huge pots of produce. The resilient donkey just soldiers on.
Fish are one of the hardest creatures to recreate. They are so quick and lithe, darting around in the water. Without that medium, it is almost impossible to recreate the appeal of a fish.
Credits: All media
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