the many mountains around the world

In this particular exhibition I have chosen to do the paintings or drawings of different mountains from different artists. There are 8 paintings to do with the initial theme of mountains around the world. I'm particularly interested in the time period from the 1800's and  mediums used to create the picture as a whole. Each painting has mountains that are appealing to the eye because of the general landscaping and painting techniques.

I picked this painting because it is a painting of mountains from the 1800's. It was actually painted in Italy by the French painter Jean Charles- Joseph Remond. It is an oil on canvas.
I chose this painting due to the time period it was made and the visual of mountains. The medium is transparent and opaque watercolor on paper. This mountain painting was created by a German artist.
This drawing was made in the 1800's and fits the category because of its landscaping of a mountain. The medium is watercolor and gouache over graphite paper. Created by American artist Thomas Moran.
Created during the 1800's in New Zealand by the artist John Gully, this medium of watercolor on paper depicts the image of mountains in the southern alps, hence the title of the painting and reasoning for being in this exhibition.
I have selected this painting because of the time period and image of mountains in the background of the landscape. This watercolor on paper was also created in New Zealand by artist J. C. Richmond.
This oil on canvas was painted by Australian artist Eugene von Guerard. Created in the late 1800's it's been selected for this exhibition because it shows mountains in the country of New Zealand where it was painted.
Selected because of the time period painted and the landscape of mountains. Britain artist John Glover moved to Hobart Australia and was inspired by the Aboriginal people living there, thus creating this oil on canvas portraying the civilized settlement.
American artist, born in Germany, Albert Bierstadt painted an oil on linen of the Rocky Mountains in the 1800's. This particular painting is an imagined view painted in New York rather than an accurate painting of the setting in the mountains.
Credits: All media
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