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works of art with superb texture

the way the texture is show in her dress is beautiful
once again the texture in their clothing is very appealing 
the textures on the roofs and walls in this painting is what brings it to life for me 
texture on the glass and the drapes makes this painting almost picture like quality 
the fethers on the birds make them stand out from the whole painting 
the texture on the grit on this stone helps for you to determine the exact textures on this stone 
to me the stone grit is just really appealing 
the inverse for this picture it's the texture on the canvas is what makes this painting stand out 
the texture on her dress makes this painting look like the artist painted her on a real piece of cloth 
the textures on the tree's definitely adds some visuals to the depths of this painting 
i think the fact that the textures on this cabinet expressing it so clearly as wood is what makes me like this piece
the fine texture of this vase even though i don't know what it is is so inviting 
the detail and textures on the cloth of the women on this picture is just superb
the textures on the funerals participants are so different the stand out so clearly from the background
the texture on the side of this house to make it look like wood is the only thing i find appealing in this painitng but so appealing that i wanted to add it to my selection 
Credits: All media
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