summer olympics

The exhibition portrays some of the Olympic competitions held at the summer Olympics. It begins with a work that has many of the competitions in one painting and goes through showing some of the athletic games through distorted pictures. These paintings are all from the Olympic Museum, they have a bright distinct look to them which catches the viewers eye. The exhibition is made up of works from different years but have relatively all the same style while representing the Olympic games.

The Painting depicts an athlete throwing a hammer and another throwing a javelin. Then behind these two men are 3 naked runners which symbolizes the main Olympic track and field events.
Aluma paints a track star running with the number 92, representing the year of the Olympics. She also paints a gargoyle above the athlete tying together the Olympics to the city it's being held at.
The man is cycling with St. George above him bringing the host city together with the Olympic game of cycling.
Emi shows two men in a match with two other men in another match in the background while bystanders (man and woman) watch the boxers trade blows.
Two men and a woman are shown returning a ball of the Olympic game of tennis. In the background there are four faces looking onto the athletes.
A man going up for a basket is defended against by two players of the opposing team in an Olympic Basketball game. While three faces are painted watching the match.
Another painting by Aluma combining a gargoyle and a gymnast which brings together the host city of the Olympics and the game itself.
An Olympic Rower depicted in front of the Sydney Opera house. This painting brings a sense of tranquility in the Olympic sport of rowing.
Credits: All media
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