Letters and Words - (Pete Simpson)

This gallery includes works that depict text or pieces of writing.  The writing need not be the focus of the work, but must show the use of lines in the creation of text.  These works explore the visual nature of writing as it relates to the meaning it communicates.

This gold engraving is a set of instructions meant to inform a dead person on their journey to the afterlife. It is a straightforward representation of text, meant to be read by a recipient.
This is an excerpt from an illuminated Koran, an Islamic Holy Text. The text is the main focus of the piece, with extra-textual elements to accentuate. To this end, the lines are defined and clear.
This book cover depicts the title of a fairytale held within. A scene from the book is included, but the text is non-diagetic to the scene. Still, the lines are drawn to look natural in that scene.
This installation uses words from the work of George Bernard Shaw. The lines in the text are simple, working with the barebones construction to acknowledge its own artifice, daring viewers to create.
This piece contains a number of small clippings of text overlapped. In this piece, the text does not form coherent thoughts. It is employed as a visual element with striking lines between words.
This is a striking decoration composed of text. The lines of the drawing are made from writing in Hebrew. This combines the communicative natures of text visually and in the way of language.
This bust contains photos and letters made from human bodies. The lines of the human subjects of the small sculptures come together to create letters, illustrating the cooperative nature of language.
A song is coded using metal balls to represent letters in this piece. The lines of a song are turned into actual lines, extracting the visual beauty from the lyrical beauty of the song "Bodies."
This piece of writing is coded entirely into a pattern. Each set of 8 squares represents a letter, creating a pattern of rigid lines and squares out of a text, while retaining the ability to read it.
There are two levels of text in this piece: the word "God"overlayed, and the cover of
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