Don't be fooled by what you're told

My art gallery is based on relationships, collectivism, individuality, and sins.

"I shall live here, in my own house. I shall take my food from the earth by the toil of my own hands. I shall learn many secrets from my books. Through the years ahead, I shall rebuild the achievements of the past, and open the way to carry them further, the achievements which are open to me, but closed forever to my brothers, for their minds are shackled to the weakest and dumbest ones among them" (Rand 99-100).
"We tried to forget our lessons, but we always remembered. We tried not to understand what the teachers taught, but we always understood it before the teachers had spoken. We looked upon Union 5-3992, who were a pale boy with only half a brain, and we tried to say and do as they did, that we might be like them" (Rand 21-22).
"We, Equality 7-2521, have discovered a new power of nature. And we have discovered it alone, and we are alone to know it" (Rand 52).
"It is a sin to write this. It is a sin to think words no others think and put them down upon a paper no others are to see. It is base and evil" (Rand 1).
Credits: All media
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