Movement in Sports- (Nick Wisniewski)

Sports has always been an integral part of daily life when looking throughout history. Whether it is Roman's competing for their lives in an arena or a professional soccer team playing for the World Cup, crowds have gathered to watch. This gallery shows the history of sports moving through the ages and how it has been represented in various art mediums.

Spearing the Otter visually shows men and their adventure they went on to catch and kill the otter. It shows that amount of effort it took in order to capture the animal, using a lot of dogs in the process. This fits into my theme because hunting is a sport. That is what a lot of people did before society gained the organized sports of today. There is a lot of movement in this piece as well. The men are throwing the spears. The dogs are jumping after the otter. I also find my eyes moving around the painting to enjoy the other parts of scenery, such as the end of the river.
Fishing No. 2 depicts a group of men trying to catch a fish. While the two men struggle to keep the boat from flipping, men in the background are coming in from their fishing tour. Fishing No. 2 also shows a lot of movement as well. You have the action of catching the fish in the foreground, but then you have workers in the background.
Grouse Shooting again shows a man and his dogs attempting to kill a bird. He is dressed in a nice suit and hat pointing the rifle at the bird. The dogs are waiting intently for the bird to drop. The move is show through the anticipation of the shot. Once he shoots, the dogs jump and catch the bird and bring it back to him. Also there is a lot to look at in this piece. You can look as either the man, the dogs, or the bird. My eyes are consistently moving.
Over in Europe, men would take on bulls in bullfights. When things would get out of hand, the matador could loose his or her’s life. That could be the case in this piece. You see a group of people trying to slay the bull in order to free the fighter from it’s stomping ground. There are several things that you can enjoy from this painting. My eye snap to the man and the bull in the center of the painting, then my eyes work its way to the outside to full take in the surrounding drama.
Allegorie aux sports is an interesting piece that has a “montage” of sports involved. Some of the sports include biking, fencing, and boat racing. This piece shows the ruler crowning its champions, who are patiently waiting. There is a lot of movement to this piece, you can focus on any individual in the painting.
Sports, Field Sports, Manhattan Field shows us runners shooting out of the start of the race. There are five runners in their own lane. In the background you see the man with the gun who just signaled the start of the race. There is a lot of movement in this sporting event. Firstly, you can move your eyes around the picture looking at each of the runners and then the scenery behind them. Secondly, you can picture the movement in the picture as the gun is shooting off.
In the 1983 winter Olympic Games, a series of art was made. Different sports were covered in this series. I like this one because it shows some of the biggest winter Olympic Game’s sports, such as downhill skiing, jumping, and figure skating. There is a lot of movement in the picture as well. You can scroll your eye around the piece looking at the artist’s interpretations of the different games. You can also see the movements that each individual athlete is making.
In this 1983 Winter Olympics’ piece, bobsledding was the focal point. There are several parts to the sport that the artist put into the painting. Everywhere from the start of the team’s run, to during the run, to celebrating after the run. In the top right corner, you can see the concentration needed by these athletes. All the different sections covered above come with their corresponding movements. The viewer’s eyes can scan the page looking at all the different parts of a bobsled run.
Henry Angelo and Madame Cain Fencing is another example of movement in sports on a piece of art. In this piece, you have a man lunging his sword at his female opponent who seems to be blocking it off. Surrounding the dueling couple is a crowd that is passively watching. Movement is shown in this through the couple dueling. Also my eyes move to witness the whole scene, and everyone’s reaction.
The final piece to this gallery, you see people gathering around a ring where two birds are fighting each other. The crowd is rowdy, but most are fixated on the birds. Although, not the traditional type of sports, I can argue that the fight itself is. There is a lot of movement shown through the crowd’s reactions. You scan the painting to gain everyone’s emotions. Every person has a movement.
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