The morals of, Black, White, and Grey

By: Cameron Gable. Morality is always an interesting topic. The fact that as a society, we’re able to agree on what is morally right and wrong is actually amazing, to have so much agreement, it’s nice to think about. However, there isn’t always agreement, because there wasn’t necessarily meant to be total agreement. We have our own moral compasses of what we think is black and white. However, not everything is black and white either. Some things truly are grey morally, where there is no right or wrong answer. This gallery is meant to show this visually. To show a gradual transition from white, to grey, and then finally to black. Showing not only that there are some truly grey dilemma’s, but that you can transition to morally “wrong” behavior by going through step by step. Or perhaps even, transition tor morally “right” behavior. This gallery takes pieces from all around the world, all from different time periods to show the age old dilemma of choosing morally right behavior and the fear of falling down that slippery slope and truly becoming evil. This gallery can be started at either end, but should not be started in the middle. One end starts with pure morally black behavior and the other starts with pure morally white behavior. It is up to you to choose which end you'd like to start at. Please enjoy the gallery.

This is supposed to be the most immoral piece in the gallery. While it seems quite tame I chose a devil to show as the most black morally because in almost all cultures, the devil is portrayed as pure evil. This particular piece interested me because it portrays the devils servants listening to him speak. This rises a secondary question about morality being that if you were stuck in hell, would you listen to the devil speak? Would you be forced to? While it's a secondary idea to the gallery, it's still an interesting thought experiment, even for people not very religious such as myself.
In almost any culture I can think of. killing one another is the most immoral things you can do. Murder in the first degree is one of the worst sentences one could receive in America. Visually, this piece interested me because it's just one color with different shades of it. Red, just pure red, blood red at that. Whether it's intentional or not, it still makes for an interesting connection to this being one of the most evil things a human could do.
This piece made me absolutely sick when I first saw it. In fact, the horrible gut feeling I got when I saw it almost prompted me to put it before the "Murder Scene" image. The idea of training children to kill is absolutely horrible. You're essentially killing their innocence in a way, making it another form of murder. This image is shocking, which is why it works so well in this part of the gallery. Dark morality is meant to be shocking.
There's a reason pride is one of the seven deadly sins, because too much of it isn't good for anyone. Being humble is always a good skill to have being having too much pride can cause you to see yourself as better, or more deserving than others which isn't the case. Everyone is a human being and is equal. I chose this specific piece because I really appreciated the simplicity of it. The fact that it just a person looking at themselves in a mirror with the word "Superbia" below them, which is the latin word for "Pride" is just very simple and gets the point across very well.
This piece really interested me for one reason and I thought worked really well in this gallery. When you first see this piece, it just looks like a cute little photo of three friends enjoying each others company. However, if you look very close, you'll realize that one boy is asking for a piece of pie and the other is refusing based on the race of the boy asking. This is why it's put in the more morally black area of the gallery.
Anger, envy, and fear are all a part of our humanity, however, you don't want to let it consume you, you don't want any of it to consume you. The specific piece interested me, and honestly left me a little unsettled. To me it portrayed someone who is consumed by all of these feelings, and while they are human emotions that everyone feels, you can see in this image that someone consumed by it all is truly a scary being.
I chose this piece for true morally grey image of the gallery. Obviously, that is something that is up to interpretation, but this was my intention with it. When I saw this image, it really captured me. The eyes of the robber truly speaks, and shows so much regret and so much turmoil. He's robbing, but doing it in order to support the most important person in his life, his son. This image is just a morally grey dilemma that shows so much turmoil.
"Saint George and the Dragon" was another piece that has a certain surface idea, but can have a different connotation if you analyze it a little more. Saint George is saving woman from the dragon, but we don't get the whole story. We just see him killing the dragon. He's saving someone, which is why it's in the more morally white area, but it's closer to grey in the gallery because he's killing the dragon in order to do it.
This is just a nice, cute, and happy image. It's just a nice happy child and his mother in New York. This image stood out to me, just because it's easily seen as happy and pure and is just easily identifiable. It's simplistic and really works in the gallery. It's just a mother taking care of her child, what's not to understand about that?
One key word I used to look for some pictures in this gallery was "Charity." This is one picture that came up and I really enjoyed this image. It's a beautifully done picture and it portrays kind people giving to the less fortunate right outside the window, without a hesitation. It's a very powerful image, but also very beautiful.
There's something really special about a community coming together as one. It's incredibly nice and heartwarming to see. It can be up to interpretation on what the meeting is about, you don't have to know though. You just have to appreciate the idea of a community being one, and being there for one another. As for the image, the realism is absolutely stunning. The detail is crazy and really struck me as interesting.
This picture put a smile on my face. Everything is purest through a child's eyes, and that is very prominent in this image. Everyone portrayed in the image has a smile on their face. It's just a super sweet and happy image portraying friendship in its most pure form. I chose this because it was really the epitome of morally white to me, and I think it's easy to see why.
This is another picture to bookend the gallery. No matter how religious you are, if at all, there's still a connotation is society to think of angels being the all good beings and above all evil. They are portrayed like this across many different cultures, so I thought it fitting to bookend the gallery with this image. The image itself is beautiful and I thought having the demons below was an interesting addition to it.
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