The art of Nature's Colors, Rubén Cabrera

At my gallery you will find paintings that I find beautiful and inspiring of our planet's nature. You might see some incredible paintings that look realistic whit amazing colors. However, you are going to fine also some unrealistic painting of our planets nature, yet showing beautiful colors.

The painting "The four times of day: Night" shows people fishing and cooking while sitting next to the moon. Additionally, the painting shows the beauty of nature, making that three pop out because the painter was able to capture the light of the moon showing how beautiful nature is with the perfect colors.
The painting "A Morning. The Dance of the Nymphs" shows people dancing with joy around some three in the afternoon. You can see the beautiful colors that were chosen creating atmosphere of happiness. Additionally, the colors given to the trees is incredible. To be able to combine the dark green with the light green creating contras and giving the trees the look three dimension making them look a life.
The painting "The Forest Fire" shows a forest burning down to the ground, while two persons are staring at the fire. Now, I wonder if they where the ones that cause the fire. The colors in this painting are beatify. The color red gives that feeling of heat! The way the painter combine the orange and gray color with perfect precision. The texture giving to the trees making the look so realistic.
The painting "Weeping Willow" its not something that I usually look for in paintings because I like more realistic paintings of our nature. What I was able to see from this painting was a jungle full of vines. Moreover, I love the colors that where giving in this painting, most of the colors are green, yet you can determine the difference between the colors.
The painting "Study for Trees 1" hardly has any colors, but you can still see the old trees. Also, it gives the feeling of a dark and mysterious atmosphere. The painting has black, white, and a light red color.
The painting shows a valley that goes into the distance. Whit the light colors given to the painting it gives the impression of a sunrise or dusk. I enjoy the little detail that the gave to the painting by creating a small pig at the right bottom of the painting, but not only that, in front of the pig there is a white mark and if you look closely you will see a moose's skull.
The painting "Waterfall in Smaland" was painted by Marcus Larson. The painting shows a waterfall that goes pass the town that its painted at the right back of the painting. However, I felt that since the painting shows some trees broken down, yet they still have their leafs on, and the sky was given a dark gray color, making it feel like a storm just pass through the town. Then by making the sun shiny at the front of waterfall, giving the impression that after a storm theres light.
The painting "Evening shadows, backwater of the Murray South" made me look twice because it looks so realistic that I thought it was picture. I love the why they made the water look so shiny and realistic. The people in the painting a painted with such precision, and detail. The scene its painted with such detail, the trunk of the trees, the grass, and so on. The light that emerges from the sun is painted with light red, and white, making the painting look like is morning or dusk.
The painting "View near Monasterio de Piedra, Aragon" reminds me of home because of all the goats painted in, since where I used to live there goats every where. I love the way he capture the movement of each goat, and they where painted with such detail, that you can tell what each cow is downing. The colors giving to them makes them look even more realistic.
The color given to the trees are interesting because they are the same colors that Vincent use to paint the grass and flowers, but mixed together, but he added blue to the mix too. Additionally, the grass was painting all over the place therefore is hard to deter from where the wind is coming from.
Credits: All media
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