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I love this painting! Vincent van Gogh uses such variation in his stroke weight; it cause my eye to move all over the painting and he uses large strokes of color to add to the sense of movement of this painting. The movement makes this painting whimsical and airy.
Another van Gogh, and this one also has a great sense of movement and flow. This painting has so much color and a really good contrast of values. The description talks about order in the village and chaos in the sky; I chose to ignore the village. My focus is drawn by the tree in the foreground and the stars in the background probably because of the darkness of the tree and the thickness of the strokes in the sky.
This painting uses negative space and color so well that the actual content of the painting is not the first thing I focus on. The colors are great and I don't mind the business of the garment because of the simplicity of the background. The colors make me feel happy and the serene expressions of the women are so calming and serene. What a great work of art.
I think this painting is successful because of the contrast of values not only between separate forms but also on the forms themselves. The white in the lions mane is balanced by the darkness of the lions body. The robe also contrasts nicely with the gypsy's skin. I also like the way the highlights and shadows add a sense of realism even though the painting has a very animated feel.
The soft texture of the foliage really makes the buildings with their hard lines stand out. This contrast was discussed in the details and is apparent immediately upon viewing. I think the use of atmospheric perspective also helps to add a lot of dimension to the painting and helps to bring balance to the artwork as a whole.
I think the most successful aspect of this painting is the color. The blurriness of the image ruins the unity which was probably done on purpose since the image is supposed to evoke a feeling of uneasiness. I had to read the description to find out what the painting was supposed to depict because could not decipher the imagery on my own. I thought the scene was actually set underwater. This is not the case, but I'm going to continue to view it as if it were.
I have a hard time explaining why I like this painting. It still has the contrast of soft strokes versus hard lines which I find very appealing, but I can't seem to articulate what else I like about this painting. It could be the pops of vibrant color laced throughout or maybe the way the branches draw my eye around the painting. I ultimately chose this painting because I can't stop looking at it.
The texture on this painting is amazing and when you zoom in on the hand gestures they look as if they were made of metal. The repetition of the hands creates a sense of rhythm that intermingles and follows the lines forming the constellations. The limited pallet adds to the industrial feel of this painting and helps to create a sense of unity and focus. My favorite part of the painting is the silhouette of the building with the red background defining it. It seems so small, but it's the only light, aside from the constellations, in the painting.
What an interesting still life. The colorful fruit draws my focus immediately. The variation in the size of the fruit adds variation add keeps the painting interesting. The disconnect of the lines of the objects adds an interesting sense of movement which is discussed in the details. The pattern on the currents creates a nice a flow to the fruit on the table. Overall this painting has a nice sense of rhythm.
The asymmetry of this painting and the oddness of a a woman on a sofa in the jungle make this painting striking. There is a lot going on in this painting but the starkness of the woman balances the business of the rest of the painting. The empty space where the sky peaks through also helps balance the painting. The best part of the painting for me is the facial expression of the lion that is staring straight forward. He almost looks scared and it's kind of endearing to me.
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