7th grade research (Vincent Van GogH)

Kelly Taft               Vincent Van Gogh         7-A/B           Vincent Van gogh was born on march 30th,1883. He was born in Zundert Netherlands. He was a great artist that looked at things differently than others in a good way. He struggled with mental illness and was poor and was not known throughout his life.Vincent Van gogh died in France on July 29th 1890, at the age 37. From a gunshot wound. His father Theodorus Van gogh was a country minister and his mother Anna Cornelia Carbentus was a moody artist that loved nature and inspired Vincent Van gogh. Drawing and watercolors was transferred from his mother to him. Vincent Van gogh also had a brother that was born exactly a year before him, his name is also Vincent. Before he was born his brother died. When he was 15 years old  his family was struggling with financial issues so they made him quit school and work instead.  Vincent got a job at his Uncle Cornelis' art dealership. In fall 1880 Vincent Van gogh decided to move to Brussels and start a new career and become a artist. He had no experience being a artist but, his brother Theo worked as an art dealer.Theo then offered to support Vincent finnatialy Vincent then began to take lessons on his own studying any art book that he had and could find. After Eugenie Loyer rejected his proposal he was very depressed. When he got into art it took those emotions away from him and he was back to his normal life like before. In 1885 he started a painting called “potato eaters” that was a big deal for him at the time.Vincent Van gogh was inspired by many people when he moved to Paris. His brother Theo was worried about him so he paid Paul Gauguin to watch over Vicent.They then started to fight and Paul walked out on him, Vincent Van gogh followed after him. When Paul turned to look behind him he saw that Vincent had a razor in his hand. Many hours passed and the police took him to a hospital. His brother checked on him every once in awhile and for holidays. After he was released he was all along and depressed for comfort he hoped that going back to painting would work. Every night he would go paint the yellow house near the hospital during the day and at night return to the hospital. He had his ups and downs but he had a true gift of painting that could never be taking away from him. One of his paintings that he made was named starry night he painted it in June 1889 he painted it when he was in the hospital.Starry night was painted from his memory not like other paintings that he has done before. When he was in the hospital he would calm down by painting. One day when he looked out his window he saw the starry night and wanted to paint it. This was one of his best painting and people bought it the most. Till this day that painting is the most famous out of all of his paintings. Till this day people still honor him and all the great paintings that he made before he died.

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