The Looking Glass

"The Looking Glass" Art Gallery By Faine Furstenfeld Glass has long been used by humans well before they knew how to make glass. Once we got beyond using glass as weapons, we began seeing the potential for glass to be more of an art and just around the known last century BC, glassblowing changed glass as it were known. Once humans learned how to manipulate and craft glass, the possibilities were endless. This gallery honors one a pinch of the glass art and creations known throughout history all over the world.

The green color up to the blue, triggers a earthly metaphor. The green grass up to the blue skies. Just like a strand of thin grass getting lost in the horizon of the blue skies.
The craftsmanship of this vase is beyond that of just conversation. The handles are unique and the gold accents compliment the green glass perfectly to honor flowers on any day.
This stunningly bright light blue pitcher with its rough outer texture and inner smoothness, complimented with its yellow handle are a perfect compliment to one another.
The purple hued background with the beautiful pink outer flower landscape. The depth of the purple attract the eyes of any onlooker to take a closer look at the fine ornate detail that wraps around.
Camouflage-like to the eyes at a distance. As you lean forward you get to see the outstanding detail and contrasting colors of this unique tall standing vase. With its sturdy bass and delicate glass.
Reflecting of a plump strawberry this glass has a bright cheery color of summer. If glass had a taste this would Strawberry Shortcake is on a bright summer day.
This long stem tulip is a pastel paradise. Frosted petals, long thin stem, and golden hue to like soil on a sunny day. A bell for bottom gives this piece the impression of coming out of the ground.
This angelic pendant is exemplary of the glass art industry. A beautiful woman, with wings of beautiful and inspiring blue and green glass. Like a comforting blanket being wrapped around its subject.
Stunning and irresistible in its mysterious ways. The mixed colors of this goblet would make for an interesting party of any fashion. The swirls of colors almost allow for a landscape to be imagined.
This jug has a long spout in its design with a vine-like handle wrapping around its body. The colors of blues and greens are metaphorically reflective of the water used to water the growth of greens.
This frosted background with stunning dragon-like motif taking over the base of the body is a flawless reflection of composition and contrast. A single pink rose would be a graceful compliment.
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