In this gallery, we will look at incredible pieces of art that to some may be confusing to some, but may be awe-inspiring to other; ergo the title "ART?" Now begin your journey into questionable creativity at work in creating a newly enriched sense on your optic nerves as they  travel to the back of your skull and make you wonder, "is this art?"

This first piece of art is garbage; I know it's a low blow for me to start out by criticizing the art I'm reviewing, but this is quite literally trash, painted white, and hastily scribbled script, but what does it mean? I don't know; I'm a college student, not a curator.
Here we have a picture of seemingly young adults while they tend to grow what seems to be produce for what could be a school project as there no way such a diverse group of kids could be harvesting in the middle of an in-use parking lot.
This creation comes from parents not keeping their kids from drawing on the walls. Here we see a simplistic figure holding on to another smaller simplistic figure. I say figure because the shapes are so vague that a multitude of ideas could come from viewing this, is it a salt shaker, a bug, two bent hair pins?
If you look at your screen right now, you can probably see a painted woman dresses in a white veil while holding a fan, and since the painting is called "Black Fan," I'd assume there'd be a strong focus towards it, the focus on the fan is so strong than the rest of the painting looks rubbish.
Here is the majestic manta ray suspended upon strings to give the appearance of being a free floating organism. Is it alive or is it dead; it's all about the viewers interpretation of existence.
What we can see colorful circles and among those bright rings are more colorful circles. Some may be under the impression that this paint is so easy that they could have made it; if that's the case then why aren't you painting.
In one way I see these dancers as mixtures of color on a canvas dressed in pink and blue, but on the other hand, I can only see the impressionistic scribbles of a madman.
How creatively bankrupt can you be to say that a purple horse is worthy of being called art, I bet the next thing they will start calling art is a Cambell soup can or melting clock.
Grass, that's all this painting is. It's just grass and a man standing behind more grass. I bet the guy is so far back because he is trying to escape being a part of this picture.
Rusted metal can barely be called a sculpture, what makes this different from the railroad pikes I find during my trip back home? If this piece of metal was as good as it was weathered I might give it a second glance.
Credits: All media
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