Musician performance in black and white

This gallery contain great musicians performance in black and white. The best color of the music, is the artist expression and inspiration. Roy Ayers said "The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers."

This musical prodigy is Danny Phillips. His is and established chamber musician, teacher and solo artist. On this picture, we could see the passion of Phillips while playing the violin.
Henry Lewis in the picture. This man was the first African-American instrumentalist in a major symphony orchestra, breaking all the colors barriers in the music industry on his era.
In this picture is a distinguished musician, considered as the greatest pianist of his time. His hand's reflection in the mirror gives us the sensation of being part of his performance.
Ronald Thomas, one of the best American cellist. Hi has been part of many orchestras around the world. We could see the love for the cello on this picture.
Harp, and instrument of peace, love, freedom and harmony. In the right hands become a weapon against the cruel oppression and negative thoughts.
Khien Yimsi created this piece. Is an expression of the rhythm, that depict the tension when the musician a flute.
A musician is tuning his instrument fo a concert. In the picture, her face reflects the importance of this action before the concert.
Aaron Holloway a talented musician, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of The Riot Ensemble. His have performed for many countries and states.
Ant Dickinson, concentration teach us the key to success. Just giving our everything for what we love, and for what we are called to do.
The satisfaction of the end of a great performance is demonstrated on tis picture by this lady instrumentist.
Preparation a very important step of a musician. Development a give take time and a lot of practice. This is demonstrated by this artist.
A good leader is the one that develops his team and teaches them how to improve everyday. That is the de story behind this photo of John Neschling.
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