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The ability people have to paint with spray paint was always amazing to me./ This huge piece of art is is so amazing because of its size. it is 30 feet tall by probably 60 feet wide. It has a rattlesnake crushing rats on the side of a building which I think is just awesome.
I picked this picture because I love the beach. It shows people having a great time riding bikes and and people just sitting on the side. It has great background with the buildings in the far distance. and the ocean and the sky almost blend together perfectly.
I like the painting of the two mallard ducks because of the detail. The feathers on the front of the birds is very accurate. And also the act of the ducks diving under to eat is also true. The lilly pads add a break up in the water to add detail.
I really like this 1950's art work. It was painted at the beginning of early commercial flying and depicts an early model plane. The detail in mountains below is very interesting and the accent of the clouds add a middle layer between the ground and the plane.
The View of Arkona with Rising Moon is an early piece, around 1805, that has a great natural theme to it. I really like the what looks like an old boat that maybe ran on to the rocks and got stuck there. The artist used a lot of brown and throughout the piece but it still is very colorful.
I really enjoy the that it depicts a mature older caribou with a much younger one. I like the mountainous terrain it has so it is probably a western piece in the Rocky Mountains. The animals have incredible detail in the fur and antlers and it is also interesting that the sky is left pure white.
This early oil painting has many aspects within it. The main hunter is almost seen as a king by being higher on the horse and also with what could be a servant with the horn. I thought it was interesting that also they could be chasing after the prey with dog seen in the lower portion of the work.
This piece has spectacular detail. the clouds in the sky are very realistic and then they are seen in the the reflection off of the water. The ducks are a great little detail that add wildlife into the painting and i think the castle looking building is interesting.
The early ships are very well done. This artwork is a great representation of what early seamen had to deal with while they were out at sea. The icebergs are massive and are almost as tall as the tallest ship and that really shows the size.
I like this painting because it looks like something that I could probably paint. It doesn't have great detail but it expressed a feeling the fisherman had while they were fishing which is what art is about. It doesn't have the best work but if it shows how one felt then it was a successful piece.
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