European Landscapes

This collection contains Europenan Landscape and Seascape paintings from throughout Europe.

Art Period and Style: Neo-Classical This is a landscape painting of an Italian Wet land forest. It was painted by Markó, Károly during 1851. It was painted on a oil canvas and painted using oil paints.
Period/Style of art: Art Nouveau This is a painting of a French Meadow of Poppies. The Hungarian painter Szinyei Merse, Pál started painting with a style of Impressionism but then turned his attention to Art Nouveau style. This was an oil painting and painted on a canvas.
Style/Period of Art: Neoclassical This is a medieval painting from 1815. This shows a Gothic architectural church on a rock by the sea. The artist is an architect as well as a painter. The original name given to the painting was Brandenburgian.
Style/Period of Art: Vedute This is a painting of the painters hometown, Venice in Italy. This is one of the oldest paintings in this collection.
Style/Period of Art: naturalistic I really like this painting because the natural detail and lights and shadows really sets the mood of a natural fresh clean landscape.
Style/Period of Art: Naturalistic This is a beautiful landscape from Albert Bierstadt. I really like the details in all the natural objects in the painting like the clouds, trees, mountains, grass, etc.
Style/period of art: impressionist Like most of Vincent Van Gogh's artworks they are masterpieces. I believe and think that this is a skilled artwork with time and effort. This is one of my favourite seascape (landscape of the sea)
Style/Perio of Art: impressionist What I like most about this painting is the colour range.
Style/Period of Art: Japaneese Although this paintings is very basic in technique and detail I still think that the painting is very nice to look at. Also even though the colors are very dark and dull they blend in very well.
Style/Period of Art: Unknown I really like this art work because the colour scheme is very eye catching and they all blend in really well. I think the painter, Nicholas Chevalier did a great job in creating this masterpiece of art.
Style/Period of Art: en plein air (french style) I think this is an outstanding painting with lots of effort and the color scheme is very eye catching. It must have taken a long time to complete this painting because it took 5 years to complete.
Style/Period of Art: Salvator Rosa (French) This is one of my favourite paintings in this whole collection. Why? I really like the factor of ancientness in the painting. Also the back drop of the buildings and the mountains really adds the extra detail and effort.
Style/Period of Art: This painting doesn't specificly have a style but most of John Constable's paintings are described as a "unique style combining objective studies of nature with a deeply personal vision of the countryside" What I like most is the cathedral in the backdrop with the trees and pond in front.
Style/Period of Art: Pre-Raphaelite I really like this paintings technique. Some how the way it's been painted changes the way I see it. Also the use of Linea Perspective was used in a very good way to make the painting look nicer.
Style/Period of Art: Laki I really like the colour schemes in this painting. I think the blue and red in the sky really sets the mood of a amazing eye catching Aurora scene.
Style?period of Art: pivotal This painting has been very well painted as the snowy natural life in the surroundings look very realistic. Claude Monet has done a great job in making this snowy landscape look realistic, effortful and detailistic.
Style/Period of Art: Non-Western This is a painting of a English (Britian) seascape with the souroundings of a mountain and boats.
Style/Period of Art: Neo-Classical I really like the colour and detail in the clouds in the sky. Although the clouds are only a minor object in the painting they really set a scene of a relaxing warm European country side hill.
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