Elements of Art Gallery: Color

By Justyna Kosinska

In the artwork, there is primary triadic. Primary colors are blue, yellow, and red. Theses three basic colors are used to mix all hues. The primary colors in this artwork are mostly blue and yellow. There is some red in the fish.
Secondary triadic is found in this painting. Secondary colors are orange, green and purple. They are made by mixing two primary colors together. In this painting, the colors mostly that can be found are green and purple. There are some shades of orange in the ground.
Tertiary triadic can be found in this artwork. Tertiary colors are more subtle hues achieved by the mixing of a primary and secondary color that are adjacent on the color wheel. The most tertiary colors in the painting are the green-yellow and the yellow-orange.
Tetradic colors can be found in this painting. Tetradic colors is the composition of two complementary colors colors. In this artwork, the two set of complementary colors are blue and orange, and the other set is the purplish and the yellow.
An analogous color scheme can be found in the painting. Analogous colors are colors are can e found next to one another on the color wheel. In this artwork, the colors are blue in the trees, and green and yellow in the grass. These three colors are next to each other on the color wheel.
A complementary color scheme can be found in this artwork. Complementary colors are colors that are diagonally opposite of each other and on the color wheel and contrast with one another. The two complementary colors in this artwork are blue in the background and the orange in the hair of the female.
Split complementary are two colors that are adjacent to its direct complement are paired with the complement. The split complementary colors in this artwork is the red in the clothing which then complements with the green floor and the blue in the background.
Warm colors are colors that more visually and emotionally exciting. Warm colors are made of red, orange, and yellow. The warm colors in the artwork are mostly yellow and orange. The painting has strong emotions connected with it.
Cool colors are colors are that have a more calming effect. Cool colors are usually made of green, purple, and blue. This artwork achieves the at the calming feeling. The cool colors found in the painting are blue and shades of it.
This artwork is monochromatic. Monochromatic refers to the use of one color or various shades of one color in a single form. The monochromatic color that is being used is red.There are different shades of red in the sky and the building.
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