For my art gallery theme I decide to use the visual inspiration of colors. The use of colors in paintings helps to grab the attention of the people depending on which color the artist decide to use, it make them feel vivid and realistic, also translate an emotion, even what the artist was feeling at the moment of doing it or just the emotion that the artist decide to express.

Veronica Carbone Leboreiro.

In this painting you can see a heart and there are plants coming out if it. Also the artist use a good vibrant color for the background that grab the attention of the people but at the same time it doesn’t dull the main part of the painting that it’s the heard and the plants.
For this painting you can see a big owl in the middle od the wall, with a starts background. For this one the artist went safer at the moment of use a black background so the eyes can go exactly to the main point of the painting that is the owl.
A tone of PVC tubes with different vibrant colors is what we can see in this painting. For this paint the artist decide to use a lot of striking colors to grad the attention of the audience and make it look funny.
In this painting you can see a fish and a chameleon together. The artist use good colors to show how the chameleon change colors but at the same time it make it look real and the use of a flat background help a lot to have all your attention in the chameleon and the fish.
A lot of funny characters and figures you can see in this painting, like a towhead monster grabbing a heart. Apart of a really good composition, the artist use different colors to give it life.
In the painting you can see a woman in the middle of the painting. The artist use a variety of colors.
For this paints you can see Mother Mary as a skeleton. The colors that the artist decides to use make the painting look soft and we can feel the mother side.
This is a frog without the skin. Even if the artist use kind of the same tone of colors, it gave a warm feeling.
This painting is a flower pattern and the artist use just 3 different colors, that make the illusion of movement.
This is a painting of a guy standing strait, the artist uses different colors but with the same opacity that make it look soft.
Credits: All media
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