A Variety of love that the common people share - Valekai Gumbs 

The gallery shows paintings of the common people and the love that they share. Love can come in a variety; there can be love between two people, love between a family and even love within an entire community. The goal of my gallery is to show that though we are all different love is what makes us common.

Marcellus Laroon the Younger created “Lovers in a glade” in Chiswick between 1750 and 1755. The painting shows two lovers frolicking in a dark forest, while a peeping tom gazes from a distance. The fact that the two lovers are sneaking around in the night suggests that this is a story of forbidden love. I just hope the peeping tom doesn’t spoil their fun.
Deborah Bell created “Lovers in a Cinema” in 1985. The oil painting depicts two lovers getting frisky at a movie theater. I think the variety of colors and the story that is depicted makes it easy to relate to the painting. I appreciate that the painting focuses on the story and doesn’t have any distracting elements.
“The Holy Family” shows the Virgin Mary gazing down at the baby Jesus as they play with a see through veil. The painting also shows Joseph in the back enjoying the sight of his family. I think that the love of family is extremely important and I felt like people can relate to this.
This watercolor painting done by Diego Rivera is named “The Family” and was done in 1934. The painting depicts an indigenous Mexican family. The mother is cradling her infant has the older sister plays with the infants hands. The family lays upon a leaf mat which also indicates their traditional backgrounds.
Thomas Eakins did “The Biglin Brothers Racing” in 1872. The oil painting was done on a canvas. The painting depicts two brothers rowing a canoe in a race. This space the artist made to portray the lake and the landscape in this picture is phenomenal. This shows the love brothers have for each other and their hobby.
“Three Sisters” by Katya Medvedeva was done in Moscow, Russia. The oil painting shows three sisters in similar clothes. The background is a solid color so the main focus is on the sisters. The pattern and repetition makes me feel that these sisters are triplets and they love each other because they dressed alike and walking extremely close together.
“Father and Son 3” by Elmer Borlangan was done in 2006. This painting shows a father and a son. It looks like the son is explaining a story to an uninterested father. I know some folks can relate to this situation and it shows the love between a father and a son.
Paul Gauguin did “Arearea” in 1892 on a trip to Tahiti. This painting shows a couple and a god enjoying a sunny day. Fellow villagers are in the background also enjoying their daily rituals. This painting shows the love that a community can have for each other even without modern day luxuries.
The Wedding Party shows a wedding, which is a typical way to celebrate love. A wedding celebrates the love of two people and also family love, which are two of the most important things in life. The wedding is outdoors and it also features a canine companion. The paintings original name was “La Noce”.
LS Lowry did this painting named “the Funeral Party” in 1953. This painting shows a family attending a funeral, which is a common form of honoring the dead. I added this to my gallery because I wanted to show that not all loving times are happy and even though funerals are sad, a family comes together to share love.
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