Masterpieces of the Renaissance

Created by Anthony Horner and Mihir Anand

This fantastic sculpture is a perfect illustration of work in the Renaissance. It portrays Realism as it shows how the body folds and the muscles bend. The piece of art shows how strong this man is.
This illustration shows the facial feature of this man in great detail. It shows that he is focusing on something in the distance and accurately shows Realism in that time period.
THis artwork shows the anatomy of how the hand is structured. THe position of the hand is made as realistically as possible making it an obvious Renaissance drawing.
This painting shows how this woman is feeling as she looks up in the sky. Accurate color tones and background scenery is in place with other Renaissance artwork.
This spectacular sketch shows the bone structure and how the body works. The immense detail in the masterpiece is a great portrayal of the Renaissance ideas.
This painting shows the background very realistically and how the water flows. It is so realistic as it shows the reflection of the men accurately.
This masterpiece shows how much fun the women are having. The detail in the background trees is great and the anatomy of the women's bodies is showed extremely accurate.
This fantastic scene is extremely realistic and accurately shows how suspenseful this painting is. The expression on the knight's face shows determination and extreme concentration.
This mind-blowing sculpture shows how the man is very proud of some victory and shows his courage and bravery. The position of the man is portraying that he is a hero
This colorful painting shows how much thought and love the mother and the baby have for each other. The immense detail is accurately showed as the mother is holding the baby.
Credits: All media
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