Nature: Vincent van gogh

In this exhibition I have chosen 8 paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh. These artworks are nature themed. I chose van Gogh due to his technique of painting. I find it amazing that almost all of his paintings are created using almost nothing but lines. His use of colors and different brush strokes are extremely amazing and eye catching. I have chosen 8 works by van Gogh to discuss that I found fascinating. 

I chose this photo because I absolutely love his use of light ans dark paints in this art work. The dark colors really make the blue sky pop.
It's quite interesting that you can see almost every individual brush stroke that van Gogh made in this painting if you look closely. The clouds seem to be viciously rolling in. It also seems as if the wind is blowing the grass around crazily.
This painting reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book due to vibrant colors. Because of the use of color, it appears to be fall or autumn. The trees in this painting are olive trees. This is one of the 15 paintings van Gogh did of olive trees.
This painting seems to be one of van Gogh's most talked about paintings. You can see that the paint is very thick making it easy to see his brush strokes. One morning he awoke very early and saw an extremely bright star and wanted to paint it.
Notice the brush strokes on the trees. van Gogh purposely made these brush stroke vertical to make the trees stand out from the grass. Also, this painting was one of his panoramic tests.
I enjoy the fact that this drawing is darker than what van Gogh normally does. He doesn't use vibrant colors in this drawing as he does in most of his paintings. Wish the harsh use of lines, you can really tell that this drawing is filled with emotion.
I chose this drawing because I find it amazing that van Gogh was able to produce a full landscape by using only lines and dots. To me, this really proves his talent.
This painting was interesting to me because van Gogh used light blue as the shadows instead of dark browns or greys. This is the first time I have seen this technique.
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