Enchanted - Lydia 

This gallery includes representations of nature using a great composition of color and textures. The artist uses an impressionist nature to enchant the viewer and enhance the subjects from muses to lovers, to symbols or the beauty of nature itself. Every painting gives you a sense of wonder and delight.

The Water Lily Pond In the Evening by Claude Monet. Captures the beautiful enchantment of the evening colors. The way Monet uses the colors and textures give you the feeling of a dream state. The reds and yellow grabs your eye in the middle of the painting. Leading you down to the cool blues and greens.
The Scream depicts what the artist was feeling a moment in time. As you look at the painting you also feel enchantment of emotion. Wither it being frightened or sad. The alien like form grabs you eyes and take you around with swerving lines into the yellow and oranges.
Undergrowth with two figures by Vincent van Gogh takes you to a beautiful enchanted forest filled with yellow and white flowers. With the two figures grabbing your eye in the center depicting lovers take walk. While the blue in the trees takes you eyes upward to the darkness in the back the painting.
In The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. This painting takes you to a small town of his hometown of the Netherlands impressionistic magical night sky. The way van Gogh paints the swirls indicated stars in the sky catches your eye with the bright yellows and whites. The cypress tree in the foreground of the painting climbs into the enchanted starry night sky. The warm blue colors give the feeling of peace and harmony for this valley town under this clear night.
Water lilies by Claude Monet captured an enchanted pond with great detail. With the colors of lilies of yellow and maroon grabs your eye. They are enhanced by the reflection of the blues and greens in the water. In addition to the lavender also grabs your attention. Give the balance to the painting.
Muse on Pegasus by Odilon Redon, you are transported to enchanted world filled with fluffy pink clouds where Pegasus exists. Oh to be as lucky as this muse to fly which is the most captivating with the deep dark browns through this bright magical sky on this beautiful majestic creature.The muse herself is a symbol of the ability to create magical enchanted lands like this or stories that make as feel truly joyful like when you’re a child.
Symphony by Domoto Insho is truly enchanting it takes your breath away. The black captures your attention it is striking. When you step back from the painting and view it from a distance, you may be curious as to the meaning behind this symbol that is highlighted by the white halo that surrounds it.
The Large Bathers by Paul Cezanne a group of bathers of all shapes and sizes get to relax beside a pond. The trees above the bathers seem to be leaning in to protect them from the sun this land is truly special when everyone is accepted regardless of looks.
Cha-ati Field with Pole by Emily Carr depicts these amazing carved totem poles. The way Carr paints the poles brings the carving to life you feel like you could reach out and touch them. The fields’ of grass in which the poles are sitting are truly enchanting; with the way Carr uses the mixture of all the colors that blends together are beautifully.
Opalescent Morning by Charles Rosen depicted the true beauty of nature. The way Rosen paints makes the landscape swim in an enchanted fog. This reminds the viewer of a new spring day. Where there is new life indicated in the plant in the middle of the painting. It gives a sense of hope.
Credits: All media
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