I never knew, York -                  (james orr)

New York City is the birth place of hip hop. This culture is a mix of music, break dancing, and graffiti from the urban area's of the city. New York City is made up of five burrows that connect the city with the very birth of Hip Hop starting in the South Bronx. Graffiti has evolved from what was just gang markings to a vast world of color and depth from this beautiful street art. 

Here we have a tribute to the late Jimmy Hendrix. Using vivid color and classic purple for Jimmy this piece is a perfect example of balance. Your eye flows the words to the image of Jimmy in a clean flow with a beautiful showing of line work and shading to give great depth to the piece.
This piece is shows the marking of a neighbor hood to outsiders. The birth of graffiti came from gang markings and is still used today in the same manner to mark a territory or neighborhood. This shows a marking of a neighborhood that also is giving the look that time is not on their side. The color and flow are seamless and have a smooth balance with the lettering. The three colors work well while giving the appearance of depth with the blue over the red. A very good use of curving letters to give the look of being busy but still easy to read.
A due piece that has the tradition block lettering mixed with angled lines. Using color to broaden the view of each letter and showing the artist different styles. This gives a clash of looks but also accents each other with the view that your laying on the ground looking up at the art. All of the curves and lines seem to draw your eye across the top and follows the same theme along the bottom wit the the color scheme.
A tribute to Egyptian graffiti with a mix of modern day curves and lettering. A Pharos on the right of the artwork is placed over a classic Egyptian wall carvings. The face in the middle of the lettering makes you look him in the eyes as you read the words. Adding in the second depth with beautiful shading makes the piece seem to float on the background.
The theme would not be complete without the classic Godzilla piece. This piece has balance all over with the city and explosions almost seeming to make a circle of view. I find myself looking around the piece in a clockwise motion. looking around you can see the tag of the artist and entire city as well as in the far bottom left it has the appearance of a poster on a wall.
This is a slash type signature piece of street art. The artist uses the four colors to bring what he wants seen first to the front while using background color to give depth and balance. A wonderful piece that shows simple colors and curves with shading that bring depth to the flat wall.
A signature piece that keeps the colors simple with vivid line displace. using growing in the background to bring the blues to life and stretching and shrinking the lines to give depth and shading. It gives the look of broken glass in places breaking up the big fill in spots of flat color. A splash and drip effect breaks the lines up and adds to the depth.
This piece adds a character to the text and uses a brilliant use of blue, yellow, and green. A tribute to a lost brother this piece of street art shows great balance and flow from the letter to the character on the left. The eye on the character is draw point and makes you analyze the face which is seemingly undefined. Thin lines keep the the letters simple in size with a mixture is of color to make them flow from later to letter.
A throw up tag is used to be quick to not be seen in the act of tagging and still waiting to leave a clean piece of art. The white makes the green and purple pop off the dark background. Clean lines and shading give depth and a look the is as if you are in the center looking left and right. A clean showing of what New York City throw up tags have evolved too.
Once again this is a tribute to a late friend. When tragedy happens in the Hip Hop culture it is common to see art tributes in the neighborhoods. This one show great character to lettering balance with the clouds separating them. The letter are colored in a way the shows the earth below him and a sunset in between with great shadowing to give depth. A classic showing of urban culture in the great city of New York.
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