Google Cultural Assignment

McKenna Blick 

1) This painting shows the late french celebration with very consistent color schemes throughout it. Also it seems to be painted by looking over the cheering city instead of with the crowd. It has very powerful brush strokes that are a pop of color. 2) This piece of art shows impressionism because by looking over the celebration it shows the natural view of what is occurring. It shows chaos of the time and has many powerful brush strokes an dabs. 3) I choose this painting because it reminded me of american celebration and a time when a nation comes together and unites with the same idealistic views.
1) This painting shows a dream like place that is peaceful and full of happiness. 2)This is a romanticism painting because I can conclude that the people in the painting are treasuring the lives they have. This is a common romantic view when people give up the industrial ways and look at simplistic ways of life. 3) I choose this painting because it is very detailed into this other world almost people wish to live in. Also the nature in it is very dramatic that attracts the eye.
1) This painting depicts part of the coast on the English Channel. The brush strokes are powerful when they show the changing sky and the white caps of the waves. Many colors are used to depict the changing sky also. 2)This painting shows the realism views because it shows the water in action as a photograph would. It captures the moment of the crashing waves. 3)I really like areas with water and my favorite lace to be is near or around the water. I also find it intriguing that the artist can show the contrast and 3-D feel of the crashing waves.
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