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The theme of my gallery is simply landscapes. I focused on pieces that show both a good foreground and background. I also looked for how well these two complimented each other. Many of these paintings were done either before or in the early 1900's. The artists featured in my gallery all show their fine art ability though each of their pieces.

This was one of the first pieces I found, because of the detail found in the buildings. I also loved the position of the sun. The lighting creates a lot of contrast and adds to the piece.
The Tower of Babel caught my eye by placing the subject in the center of the canvas. What I find most enjoyable about the piece is that one side has warmer colors while the other has cooler colors.
This landscape is different from the rest because there are no mountains or creeks, but people working with and looking over these bodies. I really appreciate the historical value of this piece,
Just by looking at this painting you can tell that the artist has fond memories of this place. The use of color gives a peaceful and tranquil feel to it.
This is a very simple landscape piece, but I find it to be very relaxing. It's as if the simplicity helps calm the viewer. I find myself returning to the waves of the clouds after I become lost in the trees.
The way the light directs my eyes in this painting brings me back to the flower, and the detail put in it. the landscape in the background is almost like a fantasy.
Before taking a deeper look into the subject of the painting I spent time looking at the waves and the way they roll. I noticed similarities in the sky and the ocean that keep the viewer looking around the castle and shore.
Noah's Ark is a famous christian story that everyone knows. While the foreground is filled with light colors the background has been consumed with the storm. This one painting does a very good job at telling this story.
As I looked at this painting I noticed tat there are lines created by the objects and people. These lines bring me into a single point that is just a little left off the center.
By following the change in color around the scene the viewer can feel the life like realness in the painting. It is amazing to me how the ruins in the background looks like it alway belonged there, as it merges with the rocks around it.
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