Some of the Highest

This gallery is shares some of the many gods that were worshipped in Greece and Rome. Some shares what they were known for and some behaviors they exhibited.

This piece features the 3 sisters deities known as the Fates or the Moirai. Clotho spends the thread of life. Lachesis draws the lots and determines how long a person lives by measuring the thread that she spins. Atropos is also know as the inevitable, she choses how someone dies by cutting the thread with shears. People believed that the Moirai controlled gods and mortals fates.
This piece is Known as “The Heyl Aphrodite”. Aphrodite was a Greek goddess of love and beauty. This depiction of the goddess is made of terracotta. Her hair is in a braided wrap and seems to be gathered behind her head with a tiara. Aphrodite is wearing a tightly fitted wrap that’s accents her beauty.
This piece, “Apollo and Daphne” features Eros (Cupid), Apollo and Daphne. The story has it that, Apollo, one of the most powerful gods and warrior, was mocking Eros for his talents. To seek revenge, Eros struck Apollo with a love arrow and Daphne with a hatred arrow. Apollo was overcome with love for her that he repeatedly pursued her. Once Apollo was able to get her in his grip, Daphne called out to her father, Peneus, and asked that he change her form. Granting the wishes of his daughter, he turned her into a tree.
In this piece Eros is preparing to end the Earthly Eros life. The divine Eros is seen with a divine arrow his left hand ready to strike. The earthly Eros looks as though he accepts his fate. There is a figure on the floor under the divine Eros feet looking as if he is turning his head not to notice.
In this piece Mars is seated next to Venus, who seems to have her attention set on Eros (Cupid) that is at her feet. Venus and Mars are said to be Eros parents. Venus was also know as the god of love and beauty or Aphrodite in Greek. Mars in Greek was known as Ares.
In this piece, Prometheus is being punished, bound to a rock on Mount Caucasus. Prometheus was said to have made a man out of clay and gave him life by stealing from the gods.Hephaestus is seen standing over Prometheus preparing to execute him while Bia and Crato help hold him down along with the chains.
This piece called, the Bronze head of Hypnos, features the Greek God Hypos or the God of sleep. He has wings connected to his right temple and neat braid on the left side of his head.
This piece is called, “Minerva”. Minerva was a Roman Goddess of wisdom. She stands in complete armor from head to toe.
This piece features Jupiter, the god of the sky. Jupiter is a Roman god. He is holding his famous thunderbolt with the sacred eagle on his lower left. This eagle became the symbol of the Roman army caring a thunderbolt.
This piece is the head of Greek Goddess Athena. Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and more. She was know for her clam temperament and being slow to anger.
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