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My perspective on the moods from the paintings by using different scenes, colors, and lines.

The curvy lines tell me that his mind is not straight. He looks as if he was losing his mind. The sky is red, yellow, and orange which makes it look really warm outside.
It looks really cold outside but very peaceful. The colors feel very calm.
The scenery is wide open and lets you free your mind. The colors make the scene feel very relaxed and highly energetic.
Looks really cold out and I like how the artist colored the cut down trees a different color than the live trees. It makes them look dead. and a cold day in the forest.   
The colors show the emotion of pain. As if he lost his wife and his heart aches. It looks very sad and depressing.
To me it looks like he is plotting a crime with this color scheme. He is thinking of how he will get away with it. 
This one also looks very cold and I love the movement of the horse rushing by. Everyone is outside waiting for this man to arrive. He might be the mail or a supply man
I really like this one because the colors express a very calm and thought gathering mood. 
The colors express suffering. She looks like she has done something that disgusts her. Maybe she had to sleep with someone for money to feed her children. 
You get the feeling of frustration or a bad vibe. It looks like they have no where to go or they are on a very long trip. 
You get the vibe of lucky,gambling,and a high energy. All eyes focused on the table. 
It looks like your just waking up from a camping trip and the sun is very bright. You are trying focus your eyes around the surroundings. 
I get the feeling she left a bad relationship and she is now free. 
It looks very dark in a creepy way. The mood being felt  is a scared feeling.
The scene looks relaxed and energetic at the same time.The day looks nice and makes you want to explore.
Credits: All media
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