Element of Lines

The vertical line of the cross directs the eye down to Christ.
Lines on the tapestry, windows, and pillars are all vertical lines. The implied lines of the vertical stance of the virgin, child, and angels could all communicate strength and authority of the divine
Horizontal lines seen throughout the architecture, as well as the line implied by the row of people and animals in the courtyard, communicate a calm and passive air.
The diagononal line of the bodies creates the notion of movement.
The lines created by the distinction between hill and sky and outlines of the road draw the eye of the viewer towards the center of the picture at the blue house
The horizontal lines depicted by the horizon, waves of the water, and boat communicate a calm emotion to the viewer.
The diagonal lines created by the gray/blue streams and by the bodies at the bottom of the image give rise to the sensation of movement and flying
The implied downward diagonal lines created by the angels above and upward diagonal lines created by the bodies below point the attention of the viewer to Venus in the center
The diagonal lines created by the bodies of the philosophers communicate the action of pulling
The directional lines created by the contrast of the green hill and the dark sky, the ramp for the animals, the trunk of the trees, and the implied line of the animals all turn the attention the ark
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