The Outdoor Gallery of Sao Paulo Brazil Graffiti  

Sao Paulo is the largest city in the country of Brazil and is home to a lush collection of public "street art" graffiti. Pixação, originally pioneered in Sao Paulo is a form of graffiti that is most notable stating back to the early 1940's and 50's using tar to write messages on public buildings that captioned usually rebellious statements against the government. Turned from a political to a social expression It is now the term used when describing the "tagging" style of graffiti which is still illegal in Sao Paulo. With a dark but honest past, graffiti in Sao Paulo has taken a new path in how it can be an empowering form of artwork. In 2008, the city of Sao Paulo declared "Graffiti" legal in a law passed that separates the contemporary approach from its tarnished past. Underlined with a building owner's consent, Sao Paulo's graffiti artists are able to explore an entirely new world of graffiti that allows for deeper expression and more polished pieces of work. A lot of the graffiti in Sao Paulo today is done by designers, muralists, and other professional artists but the most enriching partakers in the new wave are former practitioners of Pixação. The evidence of this shift in the Sao Paulo graffiti movement is its recent murals done in the last few years captured in this on-line exhibition that showcase a new message of hope, freedom, and equality among citizens, and artists alike for the years to come.       

Rafael Calazans Pierri also known as HIGHRAFF is a self taught Sao Paulo artist with a never ending catalogue of stunning graphic design inspired works of graffiti.
João Paulo Cobra, known as NOVE is self-taught visual artist and lives in São Paulo. This piece brightens up a freeway overpass.
Part of the project Galeria GE. There is an app for mobile that turn this work into an animation.
Rui Amaral is one of Sao Paulo's most celebrated mural artists. This piece is part of the project Galeria GE.
Daniel Medeiros (aka Boleta) was born in Sao Paulo in 1977. He used painting as an interactive way of exploring his city
Ricardo Peninno holds a degree in biological sciences, but instead devotes himself to the visual arts. Part of aprendiz project
The nature in a urban context is the inspiration of Marina Josefovic a.k.a Zumi and is a soft reminder of nature in the urban landscape
Although pressing the envelope of illegality, this mural done by SLIKS is presented in a beautifully abstract way giving it legitimacy as an artistic mural
João Paulo Cobra, known as NOVE is self-taught visual artist and lives in São Paulo. Painted over a Eurico Prado Lopes sculpture abandoned and partially destroyed
Painted after the death of the architect Oscar Niemeyer. Kobra is one of the most famous muralist in Brazil.
Credits: All media
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