Art and its Power

I love the beautiful peace of the afternoon and how it's such nice wheather
I like the colours in the houses and landscape around them
I like how it looks like Pele isn't fully painted because of his white shirt, or it could even be the other way round
I love how the mountains come together with the colour of the clouds and trees
I like the imagination used by the artist with the size of the swan
I'm interested to know why everyone is in a rush and why it the water is so filled with boats
I enjoy how in the backround there is a bridge and some mountains
I think the castle looks excellent with the sun shining behind it
I like the modern style of art the artist used
I think how the water was painted done fantasticly
All the detail the detail looks excellent with the houses in the background
I think that it is amazing how real the painting looks
I find this painting interesting weird but yet interesting how there is very little people on the streets and on the canal
Amazing how there is a kind of 3D edge to the painting and I also love how the artist painted the water
No matter how long I look at this I am still not sure if this is a painting or not but if so it's absolutely amazing
I'm interested to know what this person thought about each day
I think it's extraordinary how Van Gogh painted those tiny details in the background
I'm interested to know if Joseph actually saw the volcano erupt or if he was using his imagination
I think the grapevine looks nice, especially with the view in the background
I think one of the best parts about this painting is that this is the sort of atmosphere people who make movies try and look for, for their movies
I like the 3D image of all the trees
I really enjoy the beautiful background of harmony and peace
I chose this because I like that the children are enjoying themselves playing whilst the parents are going about their business
All the plants look crammed but also it gives you a sense of cosiness
I like the beautiful trees and surroundings
I find this bizarre but it gives me a modern feel of things
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