The treasures of the royalty Vesta Scott

This Gallery includes several treasures and find that the different generations of royalties that Salar Jung had passed on to his sons and their son's sons.  Many of these treasures are from different periods of time and have came from other royal families.

This sculpture is made of metal and ivory. The focus of this is the face, being that it is the only abstract part then the rest of the piece. That might be showing that it is definitely a lady.
This watercolor painting is of a lady holding a burning lamp. The structure of this painting is very clean and well proportionate. The lighting and color gives more detail of a illusion of movement.
This status is of Parvati the Goddess and this is made of bronze. The features on this piece is very detailed to display a female figure. the texture of the work seem like it would be smooth . These type of sculptures were made in India to depict their culture and what they believe in.
This is a dragon from the Japanese culture. The blue colors with the white gives a cool feelings. The shape is very 3-dimensional.
This painting shows a lot of emphasis of the female body and a lot of detail. The dark colors give a very emotional moment in the painting and maybe that is the purpose ,to give all the focus her.
The bronze sculpture of Shiva and Parvati(God &Goddess) and their child, has a smooth crafted texture to it. The way the sculpture is set up gives a sense of emotional/spiritual purpose to the viewer.
This wooden piece is very detailed in every inch of it dimension. The texture is smooth and very fine. The 3 dimensional space has a realistic visual. The texture plays a big part on the focus of this work and gives the viewers a easy way to depict who exactly is being displayed.
This marble work of art is displaying a young bride name "Rebecca" from the "Old Testament". The 3 dimensional shape and smooth texture leaves no imagination to figure out what it is. The texture also gives a viewer no difficulty of what is being displayed. Everything imprinted in this work has a sense of completion, like nothing else should be added.
The "Seated Lady" is very abstract and the lines and space used isn't equally proportionate.Most of the hues in this piece are dark, giving a dark and mysterious feeling.
This images is a painting displaying a woman, the small fine lines gives the image great detail for the viewer. the harmony of all the lines and shapes , come together greatly to create this image. The colors are very vibrant and complementary.
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