Elements Of Art project BY JORDAN WEEKES

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.

Line: The lines on the woman's clothing are organic lines. The lines that appear under the woman's lip are implied lines. The lines on the woman's neck is curved.
Shape: The shapes in this picture overlap. There appears to be squares with sharp edges on the artwork. The shapes that are overlapping appear to be "stacked" on a irregular shape.
Color: The color blue in this picture gives off a calm and spiritual feeling. The main colors such as orange evoke happiness and energy. The overall colors in this picture gives off a great energy and vibe.
Form: Form is shown in this picture in many different ways such as in the cylinder to show a form of depth. There is also form in some shapes with lighter and darker colors within the shapes. Another form is shown in the circular objects.
Space: Space is shown between the mountains, around the mountains, and in the land that is near the mountains.
Value: Light values are shown in the center of this artwork. There are gray-black values surrounding the light value in the center. The edges of this picture are also very dark in value.
Texture: The flowers on this picture appear to have a wrinkly appearance and some flowers appear to have a smooth and silky appearance. The green plant that appears to be spread out on the picture seems very rough and hard.
Credits: All media
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